Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus App Reviews

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Many thanks to the developers for this app! It has everything I could have wanted from a dictionary, including a thesaurus and multiple vocabulary games. As a college student, this app is essential for me and I really appreciate how well it works. With that said, I absolutely LOVE the fact that I can get definitions and proper spelling right on my Watch. The fact that I dont have to reach for my phone or even a dictionary when working is fairly liberating. If you have an Apple Watch, this app is practically essential.

Good stuff

Easier than looking up words on a laptop or desktop computer.

Vocab vocab vocab

Incredible way to expand your vocabulary!


love this app fabulous

Reliably Consistent and Dependable

I have used this app for many years. It has replaced my lifelong use of the traditional hard-cover book format dictionary (although I still always keep one). Prior to this app I alway used the M&W dictionary at home, and taught my kids to always use a dictionary with schoolwork. Since using this app I have been allowed the same results but also instant access anywhere. Not once have I encountered a problem with the app and that says alot. In an age of over-abundant digitized products this is one of the very few sources that is actually a quality product. Thank you for all these years of consistent reliability.

Words are power!

Easy to use, easy to navigate and an extremely convenient tool I rely on almost daily!

Great app

Word games help the learning process. More than just a dictionary.

Good as Ever, Worth the Money

Comprehensive and easy to use, worth paying for even without the incentive of avoiding the clutter of ads.

Great App...

Love this app...

Fantastic App

It is a great dictionary app. It also helps in improving vocabulary. Has word of the day and so many word related games. I would definitely recommend it.

Life long learner

I use this dictionary all the time. I especially love the pronunciation of words since I grew up without phonics learning to read by memorizing sight words.

Quiz Word Not In Dictionary

One of the quizzes uses the word agathokakological. I wanted to learn about it. It is not in the M-W dictionary.

My Dictionary App

And I have them all. Good cloud syncing, synonyms, usages etc. Microphone. Could be a little more convenient to enter the inquiry though.

Merrium Webster Dictionary

Very Informational!!, Easy To Use, I love To Use This App With My Online Bible... I deleted my other dictionarys because it didnt have what this app has...


Love learning about new words, it even has Games.

Love this dictionary

It is nice to be able to speak the word and get it.

Great app

I love this app and use it almost every day. Its so handy and is informative too! The one thing that Id like to see changed is being able to hear the word.

Words Are Fun

The definitions are right on target and easy to find, but the "games" lift this app out of the ordinary and make it a heck of a lot of fun too. I paid for this app because I think they deserve it. Well done!

Definition is key to communication

Thank you Webster for the definitions, origin, synonyms, antonyms, and pronunciation. I use this app along with Strongs and Thayer on every sermon and speech. It is one of the many tools God uses to speak to me in helping understand Him better and to prepare to witness.

Solid dictionary/thesaurus app

Great app, very useful. Definitely worth the price for me.

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